King Alfred’s Cake at last!

Flynn has been well trained in identifying Ash trees and has been hunting for King Alfred’s Cake whenever we’ve been out recently but we’ve had little luck locally.

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Ash Tree Rope Swing
Ash Tree Rope Swing

We just spent 5 days at this years Peak Camp 2, the longest running home educators camp in the UK, on Barracks Farm camp site near Hartington in the Peak District. Whilst we were there we took a couple of walks out and Flynn was, as usual, on the look out for dead and dying Ash. We found several pieces but all were on standing trees and far too high to be able to reach so eventually we gave up hope of finding any that was accessible in that area as well.

King Alfred's Cake
King Alfred’s Cake

Later in the week we finally found a respectably sized piece at the foot of an Ash tree right in the middle of the camp site. The same tree with a rope swing that the children had all been climbing up and swinging on the whole time we’d been there.

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