1.6 – Erect a temporary shelter, using tarpaulin and ropes

I have created this guide to use in sessions when building tarpaulin shelters. A wealth of information on building shelters from tarpaulin can be found on this page: http://www.equipped.org/tarp-shelters.htm.

Below are photos of some different shelters from the guide I made. For all of the shelters I used a square, 3m x 3m, DD Tarpaulin. The shelters are all secured with 4mm paracord. I tend to leave a 9m length of paracord running through the loops in the centre line of the tarp to make it even quicker to put up. The positioning of the loops on the DD tarp make it ideal for shelters like the A frame and Wind Shed. Some of the shelters that require the tarp to be folded in to thirds, such as the Body Bag, are a little trickier with this tarp. Once you’ve found the shelter types you prefer it’s definitely worth checking that any tarp you buy would work well with them.


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