2.5 – Demonstrate how to remove evidence of a temporary fire

Temporary fire 1
A small temporary fire.

Once the fire has died down pour water over the fire to quench any remaining flames and dampen the ashes, boundary logs and the soil beneath the fire.

Poking holes in the ground with a stick will allow the water to more easily soak into the ground and ensure the ground where the fire was is cool and will not cause leaf litter or other material to catch light.

When you are confident the remains of the fire are out and cool discard the ashes appropriately.

Brushing leaf litter over the fire site will remove almost all trace of there ever being a fire there.


Temporary fire 2
Wait for the fire to die down.


Temporary fire 3
Pour water over the fire to ensure nothing remains burning or hot before remove the ash and barrier logs. Poking holes in the ground will ensure water penetrates, dampens and cools the soil.


Temporary fire 4
Kicking or brushing leaf litter over the fire site will leave little to no evidence of the fire ever having been there.

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