1.1.1 – Summarise the history of Forest School locally

Little historical information is available about the history of Forest School in Staffordshire. Like many areas of the country though Forest Schools are becoming increasingly prevalent in Staffordshire.

The Staffordshire Forest School Cluster Group is a voluntary organisation established in 2010 and affiliated with the Forest Education Network (FEN) that promotes the educational use of woodlands and Forest Schools.

Rugeley Power Station and the Forestry Commission Education Team at Birches Valley, Cannock Chase joined forces in 2007 to set up The Forest School Project. Fully funded by the Power Station the Project offers free Forest School Programmes to schools in the Rugeley area.

Nationally the Wildlife Trusts have long supported Forest Schools. Staffordshire is no different with the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust being the main provider of Forest School leadership programmes in Staffordshire.