4.2.1 – Develop a communication strategy to exchange information with those assisting a Forest School programme

This section should be read in conjunction with 4.2.2 – Develop a communication strategy to exchange information with other interested parties as there is crossover.

Communication Strategy

Communication with staff assisting with sessions hasn’t presented any difficulties to date. I’ve only been working with three other people so phone and email communication along with regular informal face to face conversations has been sufficient to ensure everyone has all the information they need.

The forest school sessions I’ve been running to date have all come under the umbrella of a charitable organisation I’ve set up. There is no fixed site so different programmes of sessions have been running in different locations. For this reason I’ve been sharing with staff the same information (see Unit 4, Section 4.2.2) that has one out to parents and carers detailing location and directions.

Staff leading sessions have shared session plans with supporting staff to ensure everyone knows what activities are planned and who any specific responsibilities they have. When working with some organisations, such as schools, sometimes their staff accompany children at sessions. They are encouraged to take an observational role and I ensure we’re not reliant on their staff to maintain staffing ratio so I’ve avoided the need to communicated session plans with them

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