A Forest School Site

A short drive away from our mooring is a reservoir. Unlike some that are commercialised this one is surrounded by woodland, most of which is designated as  a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). There are a few permissive walks through the woodland and a small education centre. There are two areas of woodland adjacent to the education centre that aren’t accessible to the public which are used for school visits.

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I went down to speak to the education co-ordinator today. She took me on a walk around the two areas of woodland they use for their education programmes and we talked about what the sessions I was planning would involve. She has kindly agreed to let me use either of the woods for my sessions. I’m really pleased, it’s a beautiful site. There were lot’s of interesting things to see on the walk. As well as a large variety of trees and plants there were plenty of signs of wildlife big and small. There is an education hide we can use on the edge of the reservoir and adjacent to one of the woods is a wildflower meadow and also a grassed area we can use for games if we want. On the edge of the track between the two woodlands is a very impressive composting toilet which solves all toileting issues.

There is a hide used by a bird watching club in one corner of one of the woods but other than that we should have the woods to ourselves for the duration of the sessions. Time to start planning…

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